Dr. Marrone DC is FMCSA Certified and proud provider of  $89 DOT Physicals in the Cleveland area.

“Dr. Marrone was AWESOME. Called me back within 10 mins of leaving a message, saw me that day and my DOT Physical went smoothly. All CDL license holders need to see Dr. Marrone for the DOT Physicals.”  -D.Byczynski

“Fast and efficient. Doctor is very personable and friendly. He understands the needs of today’s drivers and best of all, he’s very inexpensive.”  -D.Skaggs

“Dr. Marrone II is the most efficient, knowledgeable, and professional D.O.T. Physician that I have encountered. I will recommend him to every driver friend that I have!” –S.Gallagher

“Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals is the perfect place for drivers seeking a DOT physical. You make an appointment so there is no waiting indefinitely in a waiting room full of sick people! Dr. Marrone’s skill and knowledge assure that the exam moves along quickly and easily and also he can answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals to any driver and I will definitely be a repeat customer.” -J. Fraser

“I’ve been a commercial driver and have had to have DOT physicals done over the years and have to say Dr. Marrone was the most thorough exam to date, he is very helpful, friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend him to other commercial drivers needing this exam. Thanks again.”  -M.Camacho

“Best DOT experience in 20 years! Highly recommend him.”  -N.Yates

“Convenient location, quiet reception area, and Dr. Marrone is very accommodating for scheduling needs. Quick and efficient process to get back on the road! I highly recommend!” -K.Roskos

“Dr. Marrone is very knowledgeable as well as approachable regarding anything concerning your examination. I happen to have a heart condition and sleep apnea and he has always given me the direction and advice I have needed in order to pass the physical exam requirements! In fact, if you do not pass a portion of the exam he will do his best to tell you what you need to do in order to get yourself in compliance!”  –R.Dietrick

“I was fortunate to have found this place. Not only does Dr. Marrone provide friendly and prompt service, DOT physicals is all he does so he’s fast yet thorough. For the 69 bucks which literally cannot be beat and the fast service you would have be out of your mind to go anywhere else, no exaggerating here, Dr. Marrone is the real deal. I’d give 10 stars if possible.” -A.Hayes

“Called and got right in same day. Will never go anywhere else. Very good experience.”  -N.Suprun

“Very easy to get an appointment. Price very affordable. Be prepared to fill out medical history forms. Do your homework on how to get to the address. Dr. Marrone is professional, yet he puts you at ease. Even though I found out that the VA has the staff now to perform DOT physicals, as a Veteran I will use Dr. Marrone again as he is far easier to make an appointment with and much more flexible.”  -M.Novotny

“I recommend that anybody needing a DOT physical go here. No long wait. Courteous and friendly.” -A.Carter

“I had my 1st DOT physical done with Dr. Ernest Marrone. He’s a great doctor and runs a professional business. Easy to get appointment at an affordable price. I will continue to use Dr. Marrone.”  -S. Jalowiec

“Dr. Marrone is an asset to the community. My name is Jay Galarza, I am the manager of the Ferrari Driving School. All my drivers and clients use Dr. Marrone for our D.O.T. Certifications. At any given moment and time and time again he has helped us with our staff and clients, thank you Dr. Marrone, I salute you.”  -J.Galarza

“I was very comfortable in the office and the DOT doctor was very friendly and great what he does, highly recommended.”  -R.White

“I recently went to see Dr. Marrone for a CDL Medical Exam required by the DMV. He performed this exam very thorough, I’ve done this exam in the past but never has it been so detailed. I was very happy with the results and would highly recommend him to other commercial drivers.”  -J.H.Ferrari

“Dr. Marrone did my DOT physical one evening after work. True to his promise there was no waiting and he was very thorough. The price was more than reasonable considering the convenience! I have personally recommended him to numerous friends. Once you try his service you will never go back to a clinic that may take an hour or more.”  -L. Firlik

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Commercial drivers may obtain a CDL Medical Card valid up to 24 months. A Certified Medical Examiner such as Dr. Marrone of Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals, may issue a CDL Medical Card for less time when it is desirable to monitor a condition as outlined by FMCSA DOT medical regulations.

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