Certified and Affordable

Dr. Marrone provides $89 DOT Physicals in the Cleveland area. He is listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Commercial drivers can reach Dr. Marrone personally at (216) 532-3368. Dr. Marrone answers the phone himself around the clock so drivers can get questions answered promptly and best be prepared for their DOT Physical.

Highly Rated

Dr. Marrone of Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals is proud when commercial drivers voice their opinions. To read what commercial drivers have had to say about their DOT Physical experiences at Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals, go to Google or click here for driver reviews posted from across the web.


Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals is centrally and conveniently located in Independence, Ohio. There is plenty of parking at the office. Click here for location details or directions. Dr. Marrone of Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals operates by appointment to eliminate wait time. Dr. Marrone offers early morning and evening $89 DOT Physical appointments, making it convenient for all commercial driver schedules.

Industry Informed

Dr. Marrone of Northeast Ohio DOT Physicals prides himself in keeping up with commercial driving industry news. What is important to drivers, motor carriers and commercial driving schools, is important to him. There is a wealth of content online that serves the commercial driving industry. Click here for links to industry sites that that may be of interest.

Call Dr. Marrone personally at (216) 532-3368 anytime to discuss your DOT Physical or to schedule an appointment.

In addition to providing $89 DOT Physicals, Dr. Marrone offers quality affordable pre-employment exams.  Additionally, he is a provider of BasicMed exams for qualifying pilots, or at companies onsite at no additional cost.

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FMCSA Certified Provider for your DOT Physical
Ernest R. Marrone, Certified Medical Examiner



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